25 January 2012

kotona / at home

Voi mitä kaikkea meillä puuhaillaankaan silloin kun ei olla ulkona nauttimassa talvipakkasista. Tekeillä on monia kivoja juttuja. Ja siniraidallisen räsymaton päälle on viimein tulossa kauan kaivattu aarre, olen ihan täpinöissäni!

 Antoisaa arkea!


Oh the things that go on at our warm home when we're not out and about enjoying the winter weather. Lots of fun things happening, as you can see. And there's a long-awaited treasure to be brought in and placed on the little carpet with blue and white stripes, I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful week!


Anna said...

beautiful pieces of your life!

céline said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog, I like the pictures you take! Wish you also a nice week.

Mirva said...

Thank you, Anna!

Mirva said...

Hi céline, and welcome! Thank you, wishing you a wonderful week, too!