21 February 2012

to fix

So one evening we sat down and talked about our plans for the future, our dreams. A dream, I should say, in the singular, as we share one. Oh, it's so much fun planning, talking, doing a bit of surfing on the web to look things up. But this time the discussion made me realize that we're still so far away from it we'll have to wait for quite some time. Rather than being sad about that thought, though, I was able to convince myself, in fact both of us, that we'd better start concentrating on the nowness of our being, and to be present in the present.

The next morning I woke up to the the smell of coffee, which made me get up and look into the kitchen. It was only six am, he had already left for work, so I went back to bed. But I couldn't sleep, that delicious smell of coffee -- really the best of smells to wake up to -- got me thinking about the beauty of the everyday, and the importance of reflecting that beauty in your home every single day. I realized that, instead of thinking of this lovely place we live in as our 'new' home, a temporary abode not worth doing much about, I'd have to start treating it as our 'now' home, and make it the best I can because, as lovely as it is (and it was what really made us buy into this place), a lake view doesn't really begin to make a home a beautiful home.And, predictably, tiny little plans started to take their form in my head. Oh, to fix, to fix, to fix this place up would most certainly brighten us up, too.

Later that morning we began with a little den improvement. The den has quickly become a place that she absolutely loves, and I guess it's no wonder, given it's the only space that is entirely her own in this apartment. (The room we originally intended to be her room became his study instead, as I wasn't keen on having his piles of paper in our bedroom or the living room, and, as you'll discover a bit later, it was a good decision.) As the den should clearly stay in place for a while, I thought we'd better pretty it up a bit, and add things more suitable for the rest of our living room decor, so we exchanged the horrible, stripey, torn duvet cover for some lovely see-through curtains and also made it a bit cozier and softer by adding some more blankets in it. She wished to have a floral pillow in there instead of the Moomin one I'd picked, which really made a difference. Here's how the den turned out:

 Adding those curtains up there made me remember how much I love soft shades of blue, and, as it happens, we had one more of those stored away somewhere. The curtains in our bedroom were thick and a warm shade of beige, which is just fine for winter, but as you can tell from the sunshine and the dripping in the photos above, spring is coming. So I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have something that said spring in our bedroom, too?

As I was changing the curtains as well as our bed linen to reflect that spring mood, I kept thinking about the storage problem we have in our bedroom. No, I should say we had, because, having given it a little bit of thought, I recalled we had moved one of my favorite pieces of furniture to his study as we hadn't found any other suitable corner for it and he'd needed some storage space in there

The tiny chest of drawers was bought by my grandmother some time after the War, I guess in the 1940s or the 1950s, given an absolutely horrible coat of orange paint (yes, bright, but not pretty) by my mother sometime in (oh yes, you guessed it right) the 1970s, and fixed by me pretty much to its original state a few years before our baby was born. Now to store such a piece of history away in a messy study, where it was buried under a pile of boxes he never got around to unpacking is, to me, almost unforgivable. Even more so if, as I discovered, he really hadn't even used its storage abilities and it only contained things I'd put in there months ago. A bedroom storage problem solved! I finally have enough closet and drawer space to hide away our knits, mine and hers:

While she was napping, I started to prepare for our next crafting project, something she had requested. As I was going through our 'crafting cabinet' (really just a tiny square-shaped thing above our fridge) for some supplies, I also took down all of the artwork she's done since we moved here in August and sat at the kitchen table, sorting them out, filing those I wanted to keep.

Sitting there, it occurred to me it might be nice to have a table the size of an actual table, unlike the tiny one we bought in haste when we moved here as we'd discovered our old dining table, the beautiful old wooden table that his grandfather made in the 1950s, was way too large to fit our tiny little dining space here. Nevertheless, there was room for a table bigger than the one we had there.

So when he came back from work, I said: 'You know, I have an idea.' And he said: 'Oh, please not let it be something that requires physical effort.' And so I said: 'No honey, you don't have to do anything, I'll do it myself, but I was just wondering if you really need such a big table to work on in your study,' and so I launched into my plan. Having heard it all, he merely said 'yes, go ahead honey, I'll just take a nap then,' and gave a laugh that suggested he thought he'd have a lot of work to do when he woke up.

And yes, soon enough I was stuck in a door with a table much bigger than the door, cursing in my head. I almost left it there, but then I remembered his face, the way it looked when I was trying to convince him that I could do it myself, and I fetched a screwdriver, and took the legs off the table, one by one, each leg having been secured with six (six!) screws. Luckily, the table fit in its designated space perfectly...

... and the smaller table got through the office door with no trouble at all -- although, before I took it there, I really gave the room a good clean up. I don't know when was the last time he actually cleaned in there, or put things in the places they belong, but that room was a mess! I have never seen such an amount of dust anywhere! I organized his files, hid away the unpacked boxes, set up the computer again, and even added a framed picture of our daughter as well as a rack for hanging his bags to the decor -- all before he woke up. Boy was he stunned and pleased! (No photos of the study, there's no natural light in there and I know the photos would turn out even more horrible that the ones from our dining space.)

And after that, I sat down, feeling satisfied with myself and our home (it's so much better now! I feel so much better now!) and finished knitting the dolphin my daughter had been begging for for a couple of days already. She really wanted a piece of plastic from a shop, but I think it's fun to do things yourself, to see if you really can do them, so when the requests for a dolphin first began, I thought I'd see if I was able to knit one, and it turns out I was. Oh, and she loves it, she's been carrying it around ever since, and can't even sleep without it. Here's WikiWaka now:

Wishing you a lovely week full of DIY adventures!

PS. The photos were taken yesterday, when it was beautifully sunny, not on the day I actually set to fix everything up. So that's why you see WikiWaka in almost every picture if you look close enough!

PPS. I've really got to do something about our dining room chairs. Not the pretty, old ones his grandfather made (and I fixed up, having found them in a garage, being used as handy tables to put paint and oil cans on), but the ugly, brown, worn-down Ikea ones we exchanged for some coffee when we moved here. I'm thinking paint, and I'm thinking pink... What do you think?


Olina said...

Minä jo säikähdin, että mitä mitä meinaat tehdä noille upeille tuolelle, vaan luin eteenpäin ja nyt sanon, että JOO, hyvältä kuulostaa!:)

Me olimme hiljattain kylässä paikassa, missä Leijonamielen ikäisellä tytöllä oli oma huone. Siitä asti hän on toistellut tätä havaintoa omasta huoneesta, ja minä olen pohtinut, että jokin oma soppi pitäisi tuolle poikaselle saada.

Teidän soppi on hieno!

Karen said...

Pink would be beautiful. It is so energising to have a clear out and move around. Sometimes simple solutions are staring us in the face! Your sunshine looks heavenly...

Magia said...

Ihana lukea näitä sinun tekstejä. Saa samalla vähän harjoitusta tuo ruostunut englannin taitoni. :)

Itsellä on vähän sama ongelma täällä, kun ei tämä ole se lopullinen KOTI, niin miksi tätä nyt viitsisi yrittää tehdä paremmaksi, kauniimmaksi tai viihtyisämmäksi. Toisaalta meillä ei kyllä ole kovin paljoa huonekaluja, joita voisi siirrellä huoneesta toiseen. Ainut, mitä täällä voisi yrittää tehdä, olisi pitää paikat siisteinä.
Hankin meille vuosi sitten lipaston vanhan kirjahyllyn tilalle. Kirjahylly keräsi kaikki rojut ja päätin, että lipasto ei voi tehä samaa. Arvaappa vaan, missä meillä nyt säilytetään kaikkea mahdollista, jota ei jakseta viedä paikalleen, tai jolla ei ole paikkaa tai joka muuten vaan jää lojumaan. :D

milla said...

Delfiini, oih. Hyvä, ettei itku päässyt. Varmasti entistä arvokkaampi, kun sitä on todella odottanut ja sen on äiti tehnyt.

Tuolit ovat tosi kauniit! Pinkkipä saattaisi sopia niiden seuraksi. Olipa tätä muutenkin mukava lukea. Meilläkin yleensä kaikki käy, mutta kunhan ei tarvitse kantaa mitään tai ettei huonekaluja ole keskellä kulkuväyliä (ei saa kuulemma potkia varpaitaan mihinkään romuun.. ;o)

Merruli said...

Aivan upea kodinehostuspuuska ja sen tulokset! Suloinen delfiini, äidin tekemänä varmasti kaupan versiota rakkaampi. Meidän tytöillä on aivan liikaa muovihärpäkettä, mutta nautin aina jos huomaan heidän valitsevan leikkeihinsä käsintehdyn lelun.
On varmasti hyvä, jos voi nauttia jo matkasta unelmaan, eikä jää huomaamattaan sitku/mutku-elämään. Ai että sinun englantiasi on ihana lukea, oma kielitaito alkaa olla kamala rappeutunut jäänne entisestään.

Mirva said...

Voi, noille vanhoille en raskisi tehdä mitään! Mutta noita kamalia ruskeita on purrut koirakin, joten miksei sitten myös maalipensseli.

Meillä ei onneksi kaipaa omaa huonetta lapsi vielä, mutta minusta olisi kyllä mahtavaa päästä sisustamaan lastenhuone ja saada unirauha... :)

Mirva said...

I agree, doing a bit of spring cleaning and re-organizing can be so energizing and joyful -- especially when it all just seems to come together so easily, without having to buy or fix anything!

Mirva said...

Voi älä käytä näitä enkunharjoituksena, mun ulosanti tökkii tällä hetkellä ja pahasti!

Minä totesin nyt tuon "lopullisen kodin" ajatuksen suhteen, etten tiedä tuleeko meillä semmoista olemaan vielä vuosikausiin, joten parasta vain kotiutua sinne missä kulloinkin sattuu olemaan... Meillä on tuota kerääntyvää romua varten parikin "romulaatikkoa", siis lipaston laatikkoa jotka on nimenomaan tarkoitettu erilaiselle sälälle ja romulle, jolle ei tunnu olevan mitään järkevää paikkaa. Se estää tuota romua pesiytymästä muualle! :)

Mirva said...

Delfiini on kyllä ollut paljon rakkaampi kuin uskoinkaan sitä tehdessäni. Pitää näköjään tehdä useamminkin leluja itse!

Meillä mies kyllä aika usein osallistuu ihan reippaasti ja tekee ne suurimmat työt, mutta tällä kertaa oli kyllä töistä tullessaan tosi väsynyt ja vähän nuhainenkin, laitetaan sen piikkiin... Vaikka kyllä musta tuntuu, että hänelläkin on tulossa jo vähän raja vastaan, sen verran elävä sisustus on täällä ollut...

Mirva said...

Minulle oli ainakin juuri nyt ihan tosi hyvä huomata, että pitää olla enemmän läsnä nykyhetkessä eikä jäädä siihen sitku-vaiheeseen, mihin olin vähän jotenkin lukkiintunut.

Musta tuntuu tämän englannin suhteen, että se on ihan ruosteessa, varsinkin semmoinen arkipäivän englanti, kun viime vuodet kielen käyttäminen on lähinnä rajoittunut siihen akateemiseen puoleen. Hyvä, jos ei tästä nyt aivan kökköys silmille pompi, itseä kyllä vaivaa sekä kirjoittaessa että omia tekstejä lukiessa aika monikin juttu!

Magia said...

Meillä alkaa olla kaikki romulaatikotkin täynnä. Pitäis vissiin hankkia lisää... :D