6 April 2012


Here's our Easter greetings to you, coming from the coast of Northern Osthrobothnia in Finland:
Have a good one!


Andrea said...

Happy easter! Looks like you're having a great time x

Good night, Olivia said...

What a happy, lovely Easter rabbit you have there. And snow! We have none left, but now I almoust miss it.
Enjoy your days,
Hugs Lilli

himalainen said...

Pääsiäistervehdys täältä hiukkasen etelämpää, ihanaa viikonloppua ja pääsiäistä teille!

Mirva said...

Andrea, thanks, we did! :)

Lilli, there's still lots of snow everywhere in Finland, I wouldn't mind if it all melted away already...

himalainen, kiitos! Mukavaa alkanutta arkea sinne!