28 October 2012


Lokakuun lopun lumiset päivät.
Nämä ovat muistamisen aikoja.
Ovet sulkeutuvat, toiset avautuvat.
Katselen vanhoja maisemia toisin silmin,
ajattelen maisemanreunaan uusia ovia.


The snowy days of the end of October.
These are the days of rememberin.
Some doors close for good, others open, slowly, slowly.
I look at our old landscapes with new eyes,
see new doors in the corner of each one.


Anna said...

WOnderful landscape.

Karen said...

Your photos are so beautiful Mirva - just the landscape for thoughtfulness x

dolly mixtures said...

Beautiful images and words. The landscape looks so still :)

Mirva said...

Anna, isn't it? I love the first, hazy days of snow so much!

Karen, thank you for your kind words! I wonder which came first -- thoughtfulness or the landscape...

dolly mixtures, thank you for your kind words. I really do think still is the word that perfectly captures these images and the thought behind them.