26 October 2013

survival skills 2

Viikon plussat: Olen ostanut uusia neuleita, neulonut kaulahuivia ja villahousuja ja lapasia, virkannut villatakkia sekä ostanut kassillisen alelankoja. Juonut paljon teetä sekä leikannut ja liimannut, mikä on aina rentouttavaa. Käynyt yhdessä hurmaavassa vanhassa talossa. Katsellut joutsenparvea poukamassa ja tuntenut vesipisarat kasvoillani. Huomannut torstaiaamuna, että onkin jo torstai eikä enää tiistai. Käynyt perjantaivälipalalla lempikahvilassa Ainon kanssa. Kantanut joka päivä mukanani kudinta ja kaivanut esille aina tarpeen vaatiessa.

Miinuksiakin: On vähän erimielisyyksiä mm. aamuista ja asumisesta ja positiivisen ajattelun voimasta ja ennakkoluuloista. Onneksi iso kuva on kuitenkin molemmilla sama.


This week's pros: buying lovely new sweaters, knitting a scarf and a pair of mittens and woolly pants, crocheting a cardigan, buying a bagful of yarn on sale. Drinking lots of tea while making a scrapbook of sorts, which I find very relaxing. Visiting a charming old house. Watching swans swimming close by while feeling the drizzle on my face. Realizing, on Thursday morning, that it's Thursday already, not Tuesday any more. Having a Friday afternoon chai latte and a chat with my girl in our favourite coffee house. Carrying around something to knit in my bag all week, knitting whenever I could.

Some cons, too: Disagreeing on stuff like mornings, living, positive psychology and prejudice with him. Luckily we still share the big picture.


coco said...

dear mirva,
i enjoyed reading your pros and cons. when i have a bad day, it is hard to think positive side, but i learn from you to look at more positive things surrond you.

this morning, it is little chilly here. i am visiting a friend house whom i like to share my garden plants often.

this first photo place is so nice. i imagine walking with you. i love this kind of place with lined up of all tall trees.
thank you for sharing.

Mirva said...

coco, thinking of the bright side is, I think, something you have to practise in order to start doing it regularly and without notice. I know I had to. I'm also blessed with a partner whose one of those (almost hyper-)positive people and who always finds something good in anything.